“Academic knowledge provides information about the world, but spiritual knowledge awards us eternal liberation”.

The Literature department at Bhaktivedanta Manor is trying to help restore our rich Vedic culture through this “Dharma Pack” which contains seven very important Vedic transcripts.

The hidden secrets from the ancient eastern texts in these books reveal to us how to overcome stress and anxiety for good!

It consists of 7 books on:

– Mindful conscious cooking & eating.
– Powerful and potent prayers from Srimad Bhagavatam.
– Essence of all Vedas in an easy to follow summary.
– Perfect Questions & Perfect answers on how to get free from all troubles.

Free shipping in the UK!
– The secrets of Mantra Meditation and how to apply them for inner peace.
– Time travel to other planets via the mind.

A complimentary free course on, You Vs the Mind, is included with this pack scheduled to be held in January. Details for the course will be sent via e-mail in January.