By Devamrita Swami

Happiness is no laughing matter, the author states. Relationships, society, and the political economy should all somehow generate enduring chunks of it. (Read More) Tab

Wandering the forest of our hopes and dreams, we desire more than to survive – our hearts long to thrive. The premium we seek is happiness, now the ultimate consumer product.

Is the hunt for sustainable contentment just confusion – a kaleidoscope of diverse illusion? Drawing upon the ancient yoga science of the soul, Hiding in Unnatural Happiness probes our contemporary approach to fulfillment and progress, and recommends another road, less traveled but timeless.

About the Author

Devamrita Swami is an educator, writer, and guide. New York born, Yale graduate, and monk in the now global tradition of Krishna spirituality, he has traveled every continent for over forty years, presenting nonmaterial solutions for personal and societal redevelopment.