“Academic knowledge provides information about the world, but Yogic knowledge awards us eternal liberation”.

How to properly de-stress? How can I always be happy? How to tap into my inner sense? How to make the mind my best friend? How to tap into the power of Yoga?

Look no further, the answers to the above questions are in this pack, which consists of 7 books on:

– Mindful conscious healthy cooking & eating that elevates the mind.
– The power of vibration in the form of potent prayers.
– Secrets of the ancient eastern Vedas and how to apply them for a successful happy life.
– Perfect Questions & Perfect Answers on how to get free from all doubts and blockages.
– The secrets of Mantra Meditation and how to apply them for inner peace, calm and serenity.
– Concept of time travel to other plants via meditation.

A complimentary free course on, You Vs the Mind,is included with this pack scheduled to be held in January. Details for the course will be sent via e-mail in January.

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